Life-changing Must-Reads

I want my blog to have content beyond my own writings. Since I have some authority on what’s worth reading, I’ll share a highlight reel.


The Defining Decade informed my decision to go to Northwestern right after bible school. I thought of teaching English in Spain for a few months instead. The chapter about career made me realize that doing so would be a waste of time for me. It’d make more sense to go to Europe as a journalist, working towards the career I want to have. More lightbulbs went off reading the relationships chapter.


The power of vulnerability TED talk pushed me to take risks with people. Being vulnerable is scary, so I avoid it too often, more than I’d like. I learned that it might not be so bad to be the first one to say how you feel in a relationship. Opening up or being vulnerable is what makes connecting with someone possible. It takes courage, but it’s so worth the result.


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