Project bedroom decor

My sister called my old bedroom “depressing.” She was right. In my eight months there, I never put anything on the walls. And that apt tended to be dark and empty, lacking in natural sunlight and furniture to fill up the large space. It never had the warmth of home. So with my new bedroom in my new apt, I don’t want to just say I’m going to decorate. I’m doing it.

First up, a gallery wall. Today I bought some frames from Ikea. Now I’m working on getting the photos, art prints and such. A small frame will showcase this gem:

Only my favorite gif cause my friends and I saw this on our way to Yosemite. A bearded old guy in a plush blue wizard’s hat and tie dye shirt was riding his bike, pulling along a chihuahua past a McDonald’s parking lot. Something about the  ridiculous sight was hilarious amid the ordinary moment of leaving McDonald’s. He was also biking slow-ly as one might imagine for the chihuahua to be able to keep up.

Hopefully, it adds to a gallery wall  as cohesive and striking as this one:

(designed by Emily Henderson; photo taken by Jess Isaac, found by me on Cup of Jo,


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