Blog Resurrection- I’m not my ideal self but who is?



You can thank my friends Learn with Amy and Insightful scoop for inspiring me to blog once more. I would like to think I helped inspire two of my best friends to start blogs and continue with such dedication.

Lately, some of the blogs I read are starting to lose me as a reader. I can write better content! Just keep reading and you’ll see.

I think everyone has a divide between their ideal self and their actual self. What I enjoy about my childhood friend Amy Lo’s new blog is that it’s very thought provoking. I haven’t come across another blog like it. Her post on establishing a morning routine got me thinking about where I am versus where I want to be.

For example: Hobbies I have: reading(mainly blogs and the news, ain’t got time for books in grad school, but usually lots of books).

Hobbies I wish I had: making kombucha, some form of consistent exercise like swimming or pilates, personal writing that’s not for school, decorating my room

It sounds like I have no hobbies, how lame. Free time isn’t particularly abundant during grad school unless you really make time for something you love. One of classmates who was a college runner somehow makes time to be a dedicated cyclist, competing in events etc. I do travel(for school, which they pay for-love it!) so hopefully that counts.

My grand excuse for not having more hobbies is school and wanting to spend my limited free time with people. Hobbies can be solitary activities and the nature of my reporting work is already solitary. I’m too extroverted and restless to sit still and engage in more solo activities.

Hopefully, I can at least add blogging to my current hobbies. I have bigger fish to fry, namely, finishing my capstones before I graduate in six weeks!


2 thoughts on “Blog Resurrection- I’m not my ideal self but who is?

  1. Wonderful web site. Plenty of useful information here. I’m sending it to several friends ans also sharing in delicious. And certainly, thanks for your effort!

    • Thanks hannah!! I appreciate that 🙂 Any suggestions for what you’d like me to write more about? I welcome any suggestions

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