Taking action


What are you doing today to make your dreams a reality? That’s my motto. When my sister asked what can you do about your concerns, the answer was easy: apply to jobs and something personal I can’t mention here. Just know that I’m making progress in both my career goals and love life. Leaning into my career and taking care of myself Sheryl Sandberg style is how I’m moving forward.

Speaking of Sheryl Sandberg, I recommend her book “Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience and Finding Joy.” In the wake of loss, a breakup, divorce, death or other hardship you wish you could go back to what you had before, but that’s no longer an option. You have to kick the sh** out of option B instead. Her words, not mine.

Her stories about different difficulties people encountered and how they persisted were so encouraging. Resilience comes from moving past the three P’s: Personalization, Pervasiveness and Permanence. They refer to the beliefs that what happened was your fault (personalization), that it will affect all areas of your life (pervasiveness) and that the aftershocks of the event will last forever (permanence). I’m definitely guilty of the last one. I question if I’ll always be this sad and whether my happiness will always be tinged with an undercurrent of sadness. But, it’s a fact that I won’t always feel this way. Gottta give myself credit for how strong I’ve been and all the days I kill it at work and in life.

Taking action reveals that these inner fears aren’t true. Instead of remaining in my worry or anxiety, doing something dispels it. Taking advantage of the snowball effect and rolling with my energy and motivation to greater and greater effect felt so good today. Starting an application for one job today led to completing three. Again, I credit my new favorite blogger “Just Amyllennial” with this idea. Identify what you can do to work with the situation you’ve got.

These days I’m filled with the sense that I’m on the cusp of change. There’s a new job and stories waiting to be done by me. I’ve made some promising connections with fellow Medill alumni that will help me publish and sell freelance stories. Stay tuned.


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